Ahmed M. Nabhan

CEO | Certifications Director/Manager| Operating Director/Manager| Regulatory Compliance Champion|B.Sc. of Production Engineering and Master of Business Admin.

Mr Ahmed is a seasoned, energetic leadership force, who spent the last 2.5 decades enabling multi-network organizations to avoid collapse, tame operational chaos, create winning cultures, grow capability, and realize unparalleled profitability. Expert at hatching rescue strategies, certifications, and growth plans that save companies from the brink of failure and energize stagnant, high-opportunity operations. Transformational Change Enabler, believes in serving instead of commanding and understands that an empowered, heard, valued, and engaged workforce is key to achieving undisputed, all-in, team-driven, and long-lasting change. Expert at wielding holistic perspective, continuous improvement, and proven business development strategies that blaze profit maximization to the stakeholders’ delight. Highly ambitious executive with widespread acumen and an exceptional track record of delivering tangible results.