Registration Request Form



  1. Due to the very high number of online registrations and limited seats availability, we, as WFSD Management, were left with no option to review and revise the Delegate Registration & Attendance Policy.
  2. After consultation session with Advisory Board and Management Team, it is decided to give preference to private sector, academia, and regulatory bodies, which are the 3 main stakeholders of the food chain.
  3. As per revised policy, the “Individual Registration” option is not available and only the registration through the business organizations will be respected and accepted.
  4. It is also decided to accept a maximum of 3 delegates from one organization so that we can accommodate and involve more food chain stakeholders in the WFSD events.
  5. So, if you have registered online already and received “Delegate Pass”, please consider it “NULL & VOID” and it is no longer valid to attend the World Food Safety Days events.
  6. Are per the “New Enrolment Policy”, would you please download the “DELEGATE NOMINATION FORM”, fill it and submit it to your Top Management for review and approval.
  7. Once it is approved by the Top Management of your organization, you shall scan and send it to “Delegate Enrolment Team”, mentioned below۔
  8. After receiving the enrolment form, the WFSD Management will review and issue you the DELEGATE REGISTRATION CODE (DRC).
  9. Once you receive the Delegate Registration Code (DRC), your registration and attendance are confirmed.
  10. The Reception Desk at World Food Safety Day 2024 will be requesting you to share the Delegate Registration Code to issue the “Attendance Pass’ and “Delegate Pack”.
  11. We can understand it may not be a good idea to take such a decision, but we are sure you can understand our situation.
  12. Please accept our apologies if any inconvenience is caused.

Ghena Barakat

Conference Captain
Abdul Basit

Abdul Basit

Event Manager

+966 59 333 4881

Yaser Nazir

Yaser Nazir

Chief Organizer
1. I confirm that I fully understand the WFSD registration purpose
2. I understand that this WFSD event and program is a totally nonprofit activity to contribute to the local public health and hygiene standards.
3. I will be lucky if I get enrolled in this program and if not, I will not claim anything, blame anyone, or defame this social cause, directly or indirectly, internationally, and unintentionally anywhere.
4. I confirm and affirm that I would support this social cause, if I got the registration or even if I did not get enrolment.
5. Due to a high number of online registrations, there is a possibility that we may not be able to issue you the Enrolment Code”, and we are confident that you will understand our situation.
6. After receiving this form, WFSD management will issue you a personalized “Enrolment Code “which you should not share with anyone.
7. You may ask to present the Enrolment Code at the registration desk to get your Attendance ID”.
8. At the registration desk, you will be receiving full attendance accessories, event details, and gift hampers in a bag.