WFSD Registration Strategy


The primary aim of hosting World Food Safety Conferences within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is to foster a comprehensive engagement among stakeholders throughout the food supply chain, thereby enhancing food safety standards and practices regionally. Embracing this vision and mission, the organizing committee unanimously resolved to waive all registration and attendance fees, thereby ensuring the inclusion of as broad a spectrum of stakeholders as possible in the honoring World Food Safety Day conferences.

Reflecting on the experiences garnered over the past two years, it has become apparent that the enthusiasm and eagerness to participate from various sectors—industry, academic circles, regulatory authorities, research entities, the media, and leaders in food safety advocacy—have far exceeded expectations. This overwhelming interest has regrettably led to a scenario where the finite seating and space constraints at our conference venues have not sufficed to accommodate every interested participant. This limitation has resulted in a segment of stakeholders being unable to secure enrollment and attendance, culminating in dissatisfaction with the World Food Safety Day (WFSD) Management. It is this particular challenge that has prompted a reevaluation and subsequent revision of our enrollment and attendance policies.

After extensive deliberations, the core committee has reached a consensus on a revised pricing and fee structure for the World Food Safety Day Conferences. This decision was not made lightly; it reflects our commitment to maintaining the inclusive spirit of these conferences while addressing the logistical constraints that have previously hindered our ability to welcome all interested parties.

The newly implemented fee structure is designed to strike a balance between broad accessibility and the logistical realities of hosting such a significant event. It represents our ongoing dedication to the enhancement of food safety standards across the Kingdom, ensuring that the vital conversations and collaborations that take place during the WFSD are as productive and wide-reaching as possible.

In doing so, we aspire not only to uphold the integrity and objectives of the World Food Safety Day but also to expand its reach and impact. By introducing this structured approach to participation, we aim to streamline the process, enabling a more effective allocation of resources and ensuring that all voices, regardless of their origin within the food supply chain, are heard. This strategic move is a testament to our unwavering commitment to fostering a safer, more sustainable food system in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.