Awards Aims and Objectives

The Food Safety Awards serve as a prestigious recognition platform within the food industry, designed to honor the relentless dedication and significant achievements of professionals and organizations committed to safeguarding our food supply. This initiative warmly invites participation from food safety professionals, along with organizations of all types and sizes linked to the food sector, encouraging them to nominate and apply under categories that best reflect their contributions to food safety, security, and the sustainability of the food supply chain.

This Awards Scheme acts as a powerful catalyst, inspiring those within the food safety, quality, security, productivity, and sustainability sectors to elevate their performance, ultimately leading toward unmatched excellence in both individual and organizational capacities.

At its core, this initiative emphasizes the application of fundamental food safety principles and techniques to enhance overall food safety performance. It aims to acknowledge and celebrate the exemplary achievements of food professionals and organizations that have set new standards of excellence in food safety.

The awards not only signify a journey towards exceptional personal and organizational growth but also establish specific benchmarks. These benchmarks assist food professionals in evaluating their performance across key areas, fostering continuous improvement and enabling the achievement of sustained personal development and organizational superiority.

Engagement in this award process is seen as a key marker of an organization’s commitment to the highest standards of food safety, security, and sustainability, reflecting a dedication to delivering products and services that surpass consumer expectations.

The recognition will culminate at the World Food Safety Day conferences, where the achievements of the awardees will be celebrated on both a national and global stage. This underscores the importance of submitting your application to highlight your commitment to excellence in food safety.

We urge all food professionals and organizations to seize this opportunity to have their efforts internationally recognized. Please submit your application via email to by May 15 to June 10, 2024, and join us in celebrating the critical work that contributes to the safety and sustainability of our food supply.