Mohammed Fahad Alfallaj

Quality Assurance Consultant- McDonald’s

Versatile and detailed quality control/assurance leader focused on regulatory, customer satisfaction, and sustainability in the quality assurance/control management area in the food manufacturing industry-catering-Restaurants with a keen knowledge of sanitation, pre-operational and operational processes (Cause, and In-depth knowledge of, FSM , GMP, SFDA, regulations, and HACCP/ HARPC /requirements, HACCP prerequisites programs, Process Controls, Food Allergen Controls, , Chemical control, MSS, Pathogen, Safety, Gluten-free, Hold and Release programs, Sanitation Controls, Supply-Chain Controls, Risk-Based Preventive Controls. Certified in HACCP Level 4 and Food safety Level 4 By Highfield ISO22000:2018, 9001:2015 Lead auditor.