Jessy Mattar, PhD

Consulting Manager | PhD in Process Engineering | Environment, Agrifood & Water Sectors

Jessy applies an interdisciplinary systems-based approach to her consultancy work, drawing on a background of process design and microbiology.  With a PhD in Process Engineering from the University of Compiegne, France, her academic research centered on leveraging yeast to create biofuel using Pulsed Electric Fields, resulting in over 18 published journal articles.

Currently, she is a Manager with Sia Partners, a next-generation consulting firm focused on delivering superior value and tangible results to clients as they navigate the digital revolution.

She is spearheading projects in Water, Agribusiness, and Environment sectors, as Subject Matter Expert, she specializes in developing new strategies and working with governmental entities as a lead expert on guidelines design, with focus on the Water, Agribusiness, and Environment sectors.

Jessy began her journey by transitioning to consultancy in 2013 with Farrelly and Mitchell, an international agribusiness management consultancy firm, where she advised on strategies for business transformation, innovation, and technical due diligence in KSA, UAE, and Qatar.

Her expertise spans advising on turnkey solutions for manufacturing facilities, including bottling drinking water, reverse osmosis systems, and bakery products. Jessy’s deep understanding of environmental and agrifood sectors has empowered her to provide valuable insights and recommendations, optimizing operations and enhancing competitiveness for her clients.

In parallel, during her time in academia, Jessy served as a Scientific Researcher for over a decade, collaborating on projects with European universities and supervising Master’s theses. She also contributed as a Graduate-level Teaching Assistant at the Food Science and Technology Department in various universities such as UTC, ESCOM, UOB, AUST.